Sunday, April 20, 2008

Escape to Nim's Island

I'm visiting with the lovely Miss Elen and her delightful family for a mini writing retreat. We've spent a fair amount of time visiting, eating delicious food and wandering through her garden. We've talked about writing and I may have even put words on the page. I know I woke up this morning to a dialogue between Alex and Nea. Too bad I didn't write that down. It's my own fault for not having paper beside the bed.

This afternoon we snuck out to the movie theater to see Nim's Island with the oh-so-inspiring Gerard Butler. It was a fun movie. I enjoyed listening to the kids in the audience laughing at the animals' antics as well as Nim's defense of her home. Elen and I were highly amused by the scenes with Jodi Foster's writer character speaking with her fictional creation, Alex Rover as amusingly portrayed by Mr. Butler. Looking at her office with posters, montages, textbooks and reference articles spread round her was like looking at the nest I've made in Elen's daughter's room.

Gerard Butler is not my Alex but of course he was great in this film as well all of his others. Actually there several similarities between that character and my own. The whole adventurer, action hero, do-the-right-thing attitude tweaked some more insight into my Alex's struggles. Watching those scenes in the writer's office as well as her conversations, even arguments, with her character will likely strike a chord for other writers besides myself.

I may have not reached my writing goal for the day but I did complete more than I would have had I stayed at home. It's no big deal that I rewarded myself a little early with our trip to Nim's Island. Any time Gerard Butler wants to come sit on the floor with me and tell me what to write, I'll be more than happy to let him.

Aren't imaginations wonderful?

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