Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Nea's wings

I've been playing with a combination of textures to create Nea's wings. At first I thought of this

but unless the skin is on the warm body, it neither feels nor looks right.

Then I thought of this -
but they're such a cliche, as are these

that I abandoned that plan and just took all three, mixed them up with some lace and pretty colours to give Nea her wings.

Then I started writing the actual scene. Which is a very good thing as we started a writing challenge for April. My goal is to finish this draft of the book. Last year I did an outline; this year I'm going for a rough draft. I want to have it polished and out the door by the end of the summer if not sooner. May is going to be a loooong month at both jobs so I might let that be the month where things get to settle after the April marathon of writing.

Extra points if you can guess what each of the cropped photos is. Good luck.


  1. Hmmm. The first one looks kind of snakey. The second one looks kind of batty. The last one looks like -- well -- Mothra!

    Up too late writing dialog. You can tell, right? lol

  2. Well, my comment went poof. Wanted to apologize for being so quick and incoherent at the B&G the other day. Came here to see if you had talked about An. As I said, I didn't know An. Actually, know little about doves in general. Hope you are feeling better. Hope Yoda does, too. Best wishes with your WIP!

  3. I thought of snakeskin for the first too, bats and then moths or butterflies.

    You realize you are teasing us unmercifully with these tidbits about Nea's wings and Alex's lies.