Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Nea's tree

I went out to Niagara Falls today in order to take a picture of the tree in Alex's yard. I've always been drawn to this building, property, landscape. The view is breathtaking year round.

I finished Nea's flying scene the other night but wasn't quite sure where to land her. Until I thought of this tree. Imagine glass in the window frames that are cemented over. That's part of Alex's bedroom. He has curtains over them but she knows he's inside. I think the road is further away than in actuality. (I stood on the road to take the photograph)

Once I stepped onto the property nausea crawled through my belly. I'm sure it's because of the turbines but the intense energy there always creeps me out. I think the demons would enjoy it.

When I stepped beneath the tree a wave of peace washed over me and dissipated the nausea. I leaned back against the rough bark and listened to the roar of the river. It's so strong it drowns out all thought, leaving a powerful sensation. This is the time of year I dream of going over the Falls. I don't know what I was thinking, tempting fate by standing so close to the edge of the river. There aren't any fences along that spot.

I wrenched myself away from the magnetic pull of the water as it rushed south in its haste to leap over the brink of the world. That's a long way down. It's mesmerizing. No wonder Nea and Alex are both drawn to the danger and excitement. It's difficult to remember there's a city, and hundreds of thousands of people literally around the bend. Wildness beckons. Step closer.

Then closer still.

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  1. Anonymous11:56 PM

    I'm feeling a little rush myself. Thanks for posting those fabulous pics. I can't wait for this story.