Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I messed around for two days with a fairly important scene. Okay they're all important, otherwise why keep them around. I moved them up the river, then down the river. I changed the mood; playful, brooding, angry. Nothing I did made the scene jell.

Alex is standing at the base of Nea's brooding tree. He's got a lot on his mind. So does she. It is apparent to both that things are not as they appeared to be. They are not who they appeared to be. Alex didn't know how to respond to Nea because she wasn't reacting the way he expected her to.

Yesterday, I took Kate's advice and changed the POV of the scene. Suddenly, it's easier to write, flows better and is more consistent in tone. I'm finally able to identify with Nea without sending myself into my own personal hell. We understand each other better, her and I.

Poor Alex hasn't got a clue. But that's okay. Things aren't from his perspective until after they return from the forest. He's keeping a secret until then.

I suspect the key to world peace lies in looking at everything from the other's perspective. It always works for me, in real life as well as fiction.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. And scary. Glad you didn't give in to the impulse to go over;)

    Whoopee that everything is coming together in the book