Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wrath of Keziah

Several posts back I whined about my The Wrath of Gods DVD being blank. I had set a goal of finishing this draft before the replacement copy came in. Bad news. The entire shipment was blank and there will be no replacement. I'm disappointed. Apparently I do have a flare for understatement.

On the upside, I have no excuse for not writing. I shall create my own entertainment. Now that Nea has a great perch from which to brood, and Alex has some perspective on how much his life may or may not suck, it's time to shake them both up.

Easy enough to do. Channel the disappointment and inability to change a darn thing about the coveted DVD into the wip and presto, another scene brilliantly written. Hey, it's good to have a game plan.


  1. Anonymous12:40 AM

    And I say -- Game on, Miss Keziah.

    Wowza! Powerful new image. I felt like I was slipping off the edge of the world there for a minute.

  2. Keziah...If you are still interested in Wrath of Gods, please check ebay,, or (Got mine on ebay.) You may also be able to get it through the "gerard butler dot net" site. It is well worth the effort. I was amazed at what it took to get this movie made... and that no one had a nervous breakdown or was seriously injured!(I don't believe anyone on the crew will utter the phrase "Well, it could be worse..." ever again!!)
    And Brava to you making a disappointing turn of events into a moment of brillance!!

  3. Zingera - I've actually seen Wrath of Gods. It's on my Beowulf dvd but I wanted to watch all the extras. It's a great lesson on perseverance. Thanks for the tips on where to look for it.

  4. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Dear Keziah
    We were quite disappointed when the Canadian distributor messed up the whole release of the Wrath of Gods DVD. It almost felt like the Beowulf curse had spilled over on to the documentary. But, we decided to self release the DVD and it is now available through where we will gladly give you a discount, and on
    I hope you get in touch with us through our website so we can find out where you bought your copy.
    All the best,
    Jon Gustafsson
    director of Wrath of Gods