Friday, December 27, 2013


My friend arrived safely from Detroit. She brought a bottle of Winter Classic wine.  Apparently the NHL has a winery. Who knew?  Tomorrow we're meeting up with a mutual friend who is home from California for the holidays. I'm looking forward to the pleasure of their company, good food and some possible shoe shopping. We will likely walk for hours and cover very little distance.

I walked to work this morning. It was a slow trudge but it was nice to be out in the brisk morning air.  It had snowed in the night. Most sidewalks weren't shoveled so I followed some small critter tracks down the one street. They went up a tree.  I went around it.


  1. Did you drink it yet? Maybe to celebrate your win (and my loss)?

    1. I took it to CB^2's with me and it blocked my view of the television. I turned it on its side where it survived our jumping and down. I brought it back home with me unopened as I had to drive and it was snowing already. So we're going to drink it next time CB^2 comes over to watch hockey.