Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mixed blessings

This morning, I dropped my car off at the garage then walked home.  I was beating myself up for struggling with a 2km walk when I'm the woman who walked 32km this summer from Queenston to Thorold.  That wasn't really fair considering I spent the night alternating between fever and chills, not to mention weird dreams in which my nieces were all nephews and Yoda was communicating on a much deeper level than sports and curiosity about my activities.  Later in the day, I walked back to get the car and it went much better.  Until I paid the bill.  That was higher than expected.

I made a healthy lunch from an acorn squash I bought locally as Autumnal decor when Stashaholic was here in the Fall. I'm allergic to sage so I substituted a clove of garlic in the barley stuffing. It was delicious but nothing says confidence quite like messing with a Jamie Oliver recipe.

I don't send Christmas cards but was delighted to receive one from Elen.  It had a little car putting up and down cute little roads past darling buildings. It was so Elen and her roadmance self.

I made plans to celebrate Winter Solstice with some good friends. Rain or snow, we're going to have a bonfire and celebrate the Longest Night. 

We left it too late to invite my great-aunt and her family for Christmas dinner but we're going to kidnap my aunt for a visit after their Christmas lunch.  She's a sweetheart and I'm always happy to have her company.

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  1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    And a happy Winter Solstice to you! May your bonfire burn bright. This day requires a fire I think. It's graysome and darksome.