Sunday, December 01, 2013

Mix and match

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity.  Yesterday, DNi and I went to Ecofest in Welland where she learned all about sustainability. I consider myself fairly eco-conscious but discovered I am more so than I thought. I didn't learn anything new that I could apply to our living arrangements. I did have many wonderful discussions with DNi about how big a difference one person can make. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Once we were home and settled in for the night, we made winter boots out of crocs and sweaters we found at the goodwill.  I would have preferred to use materials we had at home but I rarely wear a sweater. Short sleeves with a wrap or shawl to warm me up when necessary.  We tore through my closet looking for a sweater to massacre, all to no avail. DNi is tickled with her new boots.  I'll get her to take a photo so I can share.

Work was busy today, hectic with a fair amount of problem-solving. There was a very serious complaint about a coworker. I think I was able to diffuse the situation and suggested a fair way to bring it up with the boss.  I truly think it was a case of two people having a rough time simultaneously and one hit a nerve so the other responded in kind. We're all human. Working with the public doesn't mean we're always able to push our own personal triggers aside.  We strive for it but are not always successful.

I've had a good couple of writing days. My critique/writing partners and I are back on a schedule.  I have a game plan for getting the work out into the public.  I've been talking to a friend who studied graphic design about a cover for Casey's story.  He's doing really well and it would be nice if his success could help another dog with its disability.  He was quite insistent yesterday that he needed to be wearing his brace.

The truth is I've been struggling with mood swings. I suspect that the lack of routine and schedule have contributed to improper sleep which results in increased pain in my leg. It's been kicking out a lot. So I get frustrated and irrational because I am in pain and exhausted.  Tonight is an early night and once I get back into the routine, the nerves should settle down.

Still, there were some fantastic moments over the last few days to balance out the ickiness.  I had a drink with a good friend last night. We laughed a lot. I had quality time with my DNi, something we've not managed for a few weeks. Watching her patient interaction with my friend's son lifted my heart.  I am blessed with those who share my blood. Family, not vampires. I don't share blood with vampires or zombies. That would not be fun ick.  I don't quite see the appeal.  But I digress.

I promised a report from the art show.  Look for it under Moniker Gallery. It deserved its own post.

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