Friday, January 31, 2014

All's well

Sorry I've been absent. My dad passed out last weekend, hit his head and needed stitches.  The ER doctor thought passing out while reading a book was out so he ordered tests. It turns out Dad’s heart stopped so they kept him until they could put in a pacemaker.

Yep, it was a rough week but honestly,  it went as well as something like that could go. He wasn't alone, he was treated right away and the procedure went well.  It's amazing that sticking wires in a heart is commonplace and no big deal these days.

Last year's daily good things helped me get through this week. There were many blessings,  helpful people and support. We had some good laughs, everyone is in good spirits and incredibly grateful. Mom and I found a really good routine. The dogs were confused a bit but liked all the extra attention.

The Littles came by the other night and filled the house with laughter and hugs. The Leafs won, twice. We're all back under the same roof and healthier than can be expected.  Even if it's not what we expected, life is good.

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