Friday, January 17, 2014

Dav rain boots

I've been pretty sick the past week, not thinking in complete sentences.  The good news is I dropped a couple of pounds. I couldn't find the belt the nipped in my top so I used a pin. It actually looked pretty good, all the drape and flow was flattering.

My Dav Rain boots arrived two days after I ordered them online. I loved them! But they were tight so I ordered the next size up. They arrived yesterday. Too big.  I walked around the house in them for hours debating whether to keep them. Too big means heavier socks in the winter.  However, they hit me right in the back of the knee so sitting down with them on wasn't a real option. Holy smokes were they warm. I didn't need heavier socks. I was wearing knee highs.  Other than bare skin I couldn't get much cooler. I decided to suck in the massive disappointment and return both pairs. The nine were too small and the ten too big.  This is why I don't like ordering things online.
Honestly, these are beautiful boots. Beautiful. And comfortable, stylish and versatile.  They were everything I was looking for in a boot.  Well worth every penny - if only they'd fit.  I'm going to spend some time perusing the website and see if there's any other style that might work better. I might give these a try.

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  1. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Those are so smart looking! I hope you can find some that fit the way you need them to. Also, Get Well, wouldja?