Thursday, January 02, 2014

New boots

My rubber boots are wonderful. I can jump into them easily. Sadly, they've split at the ankle so I need new ones. I saw the perfect pair the other day when we were in Toronto but they only had a size two larger than I normally wear. Apparently, that's the size I take in that brand. Oh well. I'll order them online as none of our local shops carry them.

Snow is piling up today and I wore all three pairs of boots I currently own. Only because every time I went out the previous pair were still wet and my socks were not. 

While I was out boot shopping, I came up with a temporary solution for my rubber boots. While I really like the purple, I couldn't find anything in that colour that would work as a repair.

These are the ripped boots (the tear is on the other side)

I bought some plastic shelf paper and covered the boots.  I've already tested them in the snow when I ran out to empty the garbage.    Eliot thinks they're cozy (truth is that's Eliot's spot and nothing, absolutely nothing is going to keep him from it)

Not bad for a creative solution.  What do you think?


  1. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Heh. I'd say that falls well within the realm of creativity.

  2. I think you are brilliant! (even though it didn't work out long-term)