Monday, January 06, 2014


The temperature was so cold here the other day that the boots cracked. I've reverted them to the purple vinyl and am ordering a gorgeous, durable pair of rain boots online. I saw the perfect pair when shopping in Toronto a couple of weeks ago.  Too bad they didn't have my size as the sale price is considerably less than it's-no-longer-Boxing-Week regular price.

It takes a special kind of creative to walk across the floor of the library and pop your sacrum.  Freaking painful too. I had to get creative about lying on the floor at home to watch the hockey game while reading a book. The game was horrid. The book was fun. Kristan Higgins' The Perfect Match.  It was a good break from all the suspense and horror I've been reading lately.

I needed to stretch my back last night. Sitting is painful, standing and walking less so.  I walked slow shuffling steps on the spot while knitting a sock. My family has gotten used to my odd behaviour. Nothing much fazes them.

An interesting note. While it's only been six days since I stopped daily posts, I find I'm still thinking of at least one good thing a day.  Today's is remarkably easy.  Unlike most of North America, including cities within twenty minutes of us in all directions, we have power, little snow and the sun is shining. Temperatures are dropping like a stone but we're in a sweet spot, weather-wise.


  1. I'm sorry you've hurt yourself, albeit in a manner suited to your year of creativity. Feel better soon!

    Planning to go and see 'Frozen' later today. Somehow it seems appropriate :)

  2. Anonymous5:40 PM

    I'm shaking my head, girlfriend. Stop doing that, wouldja? ;-) I need a link to those rain boots, stat. lol E-mail me.