Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lots of good things

1,679 words were good today. It took a significant portion of the day to amass them but most of them are worth keeping. I put out a few personal fires while writing today so those words are even more precious. 

It is possible to think of at least one good thing a day. It's easier in summer when the mulberry, strawberry and gooseberry all bear fruit. It's easier when the rain barrel is full, the weeds are under control and the pond fish are self-sustaining. 

I'm working on walking or using the elliptical every day.  I have a plan for when I run out of Doctor Who episodes.  I've indulged in too much chocolate since I came home from last week's writing retreat slash vacation. 

I'm appreciating every moment I have with Milo. He is too thin to bear, and eating little, but seems content to spend time with me.  He has been my little panther for too many years to count.  I've made the effort to enjoy him now rather than obsess about how much longer we have.

There are a great many deep thoughts running the maze of my brain. Most of them are good. I'm contemplating which open doors to walk through now that one has closed. I am blessed to have options. I am blessed to have people I love and who love me.  I am blessed.

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