Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ripple effect

Politics and controversy aside, I love Fifa World Cup. Not only do I like sports, particularly soccer, I like the crazy fans who make Canadians appear disinterested in hockey. Soccer is incredibly colourful in many ways.

The Opening Ceremony today made me smile. So many aspects of Brazilian culture and heritage on display alongside its incredible nature. From the first distinctive drumbeat to the last, Yoda was dancing on his perch, literally shaking his tail feathers. It's the same reaction he has to the animated feature, Rio. I thought it was all the birds, his people, but now I suspect it's Brazil.  His joy is contagious.

Then the entire stadium sang the Brazilian national anthem and I was moved to tears.

Pride is a good thing. Joy even better. Though neither were mine today I basked in the emotions of others and was better for it.

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