Thursday, June 19, 2014

Photos to come

 We spent most of the hot humid day indoors writing. I had a lot of research to do.  If I don't understand how the science is going to work then I can't do it justice.  I've been writing around the lack of knowledge but today was the day I had to do something about it. 

I'm not sure why all that information: research, medical studies, chemistry and botany made sense but today is the day if finally gelled. And it gelled beautifully. I have come up with a fictional cure for cancer that actually makes sense. I had to create a strain of fern that doesn't actually exist - but that's the beauty of imagination. 

Then my hero ran off to meet some characters I didn't know existed until he went to the North Carolina Botanical Gardens.  I was there the last time I visited North Carolina but couldn't remember which trees grew near the ferns. So we went on a field trip.

Only a bunch of writers and their generous, accommodating hostess would venture out in 102 degree heat to walk through a garden. I took hundreds of photos.  It will be some time before I make it back there and wanted to be sure to capture as much of the terrain as possible. I haven't even looked at them.  We went out for dinner at the Carolina Club.  That's the first time in years that a young man has given me flowers, let alone a red rose, over dinner.  It was a nice gesture. 

Another lovely day with great people, good conversation and productive writing. Today's final word count was 2,012.  Not too shabby, all things considered.

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