Monday, June 23, 2014

Natural good things

Today's 1, 228 words were hard won. It not only took a long time to get back into the writing groove now that I'm home from North Carolina (even the smells are different) but the laptop was acting up after its little dive off the buffet yesterday. However, it seems fine now. Phew.

Another good thing was the last walk we had yesterday.  There was a very tall tree laden with yellow flowers on the last corner.  Because we had lost our companions, we stopped beside it.  I heard this hum and looked up.  The tree was dancing beneath the weight of thousands of bees.  We moved under the drip line and closed our eyes to listen more closely.  The hum rose and dipped in waves like a song. I wish I'd had my camera so that I could have recorded it.  Far better than a good thing, it was and experience.

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