Saturday, November 30, 2013

Moniker Gallery

Mikal is part of a show at Moniker Gallery in Toronto.  We went to the opening on Thursday and I was blown away.  The collection is eclectic, diverse and amazing.  The artists represented there are incredibly talented.

There was one painting I was drawn to time and again. It's a snapshot of my life in 1994.  Anyone who knows me well will understand immediately why.  It's called the Child Within.  The artist has been working on it for nine years and the explanation beside it says, "It is about dreaming. It is about possibilities.  It is about being a tiny part of the universe and being the whole universe at the same time;the interconnectedness of all things."

 This is the artist, Alan Reimer and The Child Within

This is a close-up of The Child Within. 

Sun. Moon. Lion. Whale. Dove. Sea. Earth. Planets. All that is within and without.  The blue and the gold. Every angle from which I viewed it showed me something new. 

This is a painting that one experiences.  Thank you to Alan Reimer for capturing a piece of my soul and showing it to me.  I am reminded of my unique place in the world.

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