Sunday, April 13, 2014

Animal blessings

So the other night, my brother's dog had gastric torsion. It kills dogs faster than you can say burst appendix. My brother was in the Caribbean and unreachable. I authorized the incredibly expensive and life-saving surgery. I'm happy to say Max is doing well at home with his family. He's eating and drinking on his own despite the cone that causes him to bump into every single object in his path.

In other wonderful news, Lady, the world's oldest osprey, laid her 69th egg. This is amazing news in the world of conservation. It wasn't that long ago that osprey were on the verge of extinction in the UK.  Check her out on the nest.

I just packed Ky's bed in the car for our vacation tomorrow. He ran and sat by the gate.  It was only after I carried a ball into the house to wash it than he could be convinced to leave his post.  This better than Christmas. We're going on his dream vacation where the trees throw sticks for him to chase.  There's a new dog there, a younger dog, and I hope they wear each other out rounding up the fallen branches.  I don't know if he'll sleep tonight.

After the stress the last couple nights of watching over Max, I'm sure I will sleep.

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