Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Blue Tuesday

I spent a great deal of quality time with the horror story this morning. I'm in the homestretch of the first draft. Some gross and disgusting stuff to tackle tomorrow burning think I know how to do it justice. I know where it's going. Getting there should be interesting. I'm blessed to have strong writing partners who have kept me on track.

The walk to work was gorgeous. There was a nip in the air - gloves were a good choice - but there was a definite scent of Spring. The snow pile beside the garage is down to a thin crunchy layer of grey.

My hockey team is officially out of the playoffs but I commiserated with a friend as we watched the flame-out. Misery loves company. The only good thing about any of that is I won't miss a game while Ky and I are in Indiana next week.

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