Thursday, April 24, 2014


I've been thinking about people then they show up. That's cool.  Where was that ability last week when I was in someone 's home town?  ;)

Yesterday, I tried out my friend's elliptical and liked it. I told her I was going to save up for one of my own. Instead,  I found a good used one that folds up for storage when I'm not using it.

For some reason, I keep forgetting that I want to make Bryan's chili recipe. I bought half of the ingredients when I was grocery shopping today. How did I manage to forget the other half?  That amuses me which is why it counts as a Good Thing.

Someone gave me something very interesting and different to mull over. It is an opposite that could take some time to be viable, and I have several factors to consider but it was good to know that person thought of me.

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