Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sunday stuff

Because the sun was shining today, people were in good moods. The library was still hopping but people weren’t grumbling about needing something to read while stuck indoors.

Instead of eating my way through the tin of homemade  chocolate chip cookies in the freezer, I'm folding laundry, tidying the kitchen and prepping salads for the next few days. If you put the dressing on the bottom of the jar, add copped vegetables then put the spinach or lettuce on top, the salad-in-a-jar will last for five days.  Don't add cucumber until you dump the jar's contents into a bowl. It's not a veggie that lasts once cut.

Eliot is missing his boy. That means he's snuggled up beside me. As soon as I go into my room, Milo is all over me. He's particularly drawn to my elbow. Most nights he sleeps right up against it. He's careful not to lie on it or purr, the vibrations hurt, but he is a furry heat pack. This is the same category who put his paw over the dog's injured leg and poured blue energy into her. I don’t have photos but I do have witnesses.

The day has had good food, sunshine and adorable animals. Good day.

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