Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ky's vacation 2014

One good thing about all the fresh air we got yesterday exploring the gully then walking down by the river is that I crashed when I went upstairs to bed.

I had every intention of repeating that much activity but forgot and had a shower first thing this morning.  Our play was more traditional,  stick-throwing and ball with the other dogs. Ky was still happy,  we had lots of fresh air and he never dropped the ball. It makes me happy to see him enjoy himself. It's relaxing in its own weird way.

There was some stress today. I stayed home with the dogs while the hospital determined the chest pains were pleurisy. I've had that and it's incredibly painful. And scary to think people died of it in Dickens novels. Good thing we live in modern times.

Leroy hasn't been back since yesterday afternoon. I hope he's been reunited with his family. He has a great personality.

I can't access the pictures I took on the good camera but here's Ky enjoying his vacation as seen through my phone's lens.

                         Playing ball with Rennie and Shadow


Leroy and Ky

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  1. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Aw. Ky is having a blast. I remember that look. So glad you are enjoying yourselves!!