Wednesday, April 09, 2014


One good thing about Milo screaming at me early this morning was I that I was already awake when the boss called me to take a shift today.  I couldn't quite get it together enough to walk but I did make it in time.

One good thing about my brother's vet calling me to discuss his dog's hotspots(DB is on vacation with his new bride and their family) was the brilliant idea to board Milo at the vet next week when I take my own vacation with Ky.  Everyone was nervous about the 19 y/o cat declining in my absence. He's in relatively good shape at the moment but he does require careful feeding.  It's worth the money for all of us to have peace of mind. And they will call me directly should anything happen.

One good thing about making a travel list was the ability to check several items off said list today.  Some things cannot be done over the Internet (picking up wine for instance) while others (adding US roaming to my cell phone package) can - and were. 

One good thing about learning more limitations from my elbow injury is the ability to plan for it.  Mostly that means making sure I pack the < a href="">Traumeel gel
.  It's one of the most effective tools in the healing process.  I can pack the car and walk the dog without doing it all at once.  Sheesh, that's just common sense - as are most of the solutions. 
I'm still plugging away at cleaning the house. It's another thing that doesn't have to be done all at once. Of course it will be trashed when I return but at least it will be easier to get back on track if it's been done thoroughly right before I leave. 

And the final good thing about today - I figured out how to end the horror story on a grim and disgusting note.  Yay, me!  Just the thing everyone wants to discover about themselves, how truly warped and twisted their mind can be.  I hope to finish the first draft tomorrow so it can rest while I'm away.  I need to fill my brain with visions of puppies and flowers and cookies.

What's new with you?

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