Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Odd connections

It rained most of the day. I had planned to go out and work on the yard but it was nice to lie in bed and listen to the rainfall. Eventually, I migrated to the living room and the couch to finish reading my book.

From there, it was the office, Dr Who and the elliptical.  Funny thing about that is how my brain is using that time to work on my own story. The first draft is done and now the fleshing out part commences.  I'm still fiddling with a change my critique partner suggested for the ending. That makes it difficult to work on the beginning - except it gives me some excellent foreshadowing opportunities.    Once I've settled on the end, in my head at least, then I can weave some of those hints into the beginning. 

Apparently the elliptical sounds like a washing machine. Perhaps some oil is in order.  Or not. It sounds productive to me.

What's new with you?

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