Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Indiana is a good thing

Between the pouring rain and construction, it took ten and a half hours to drive to Indiana. One really good thing was Queen. Every hour and a half, we'd drive into the zone where that band haunted the airwaves.

Another good thing was how well Ky got along with Rennie. The two of them did laps around the couches while the humans watched television.  They both sit beside me, one on either side, while I pet them.  As Bryan wanted Rennie because of how great a dog Ky is, it's only fitting the two of them should get along so well.

Despite the rough adjustment to his new life with Bryan's sister and her family, Rennie is really settling in now. When we mentioned Bryan's name though, his whole demeanor changed.  He misses his man.  So do we, Ren. So do we.

Today, a hound came on the property. He's clearly a young guy, a stray.  Right now, he's sleeping in a crate on a heated pad after a meal.  He's not fazed by the other dogs at all. I named him Leroy.  I'll try to get a picture tomorrow before the animal control people come and get him. While I did think not too long ago that I'd like a coonhound, now is most definitely not the time.  And Ky is freaked over the intruder.

It didn't help that I went out for a couple of hours to buy some tops. I packed mostly pajamas. How Freudian?  I plan to relax all week.

Though, Patrick and I did just make plans to take our cameras out to Anderson Falls on Saturday.  That will be lovely. Seven years he's been promising to take me over there.  I will definitely share that excursion.

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