Monday, October 21, 2013

animal vibes

The weather was so incredibly beautiful. The walk home from work was windier than I expected but enjoyable none-the-less.  It's going to be winter soon enough so I'm taking advantage of the gorgeous weather as much as I can do so.

Ky and I went to see the Ky-ropractor.  She adjusted both of us and really worked on my sacrum. It's been hard to sit lately, which is a problem at work some days.  I love my stand-up desk. I wish I could take it to work with me.

My morning started with fresh scones, and day ended with roasted beets.  Food is so yummy and the options are endless during Harvest Time. 

I just threw my cell phone across the room. I forgot it was attached to the laptop. When I moved the laptop to the table, the phone disconnected and went flying.It's fine. I have an otter box and it works.

Milo seems to be feeling better.  I put plastic tablecloths on my bed to protect it but he's kept food down for the last 24 hours. He's so old and frail that he doesn't have reserves for those times when his tummy is upset.  He's always been a healer.  He won't be able to do that forever but I'm grateful for every moment we have together.

Eliot loves my DNe. He's not my cat. He waits at the door for DNe, races to greet him when he awakes, sleeps as close to him as he can at all times.  It makes me smile to watch the two of them. DNe pretends the "cat" annoys him but he isn't fooling anyone. Least of all Eliot.

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