Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Coincidence and entertainment

Another beautiful day in fruit country.  I walked around the building when I got to work and took pictures of all of our trees slowly turning colour in the Autumn sun.  They literally started changing overnight.

Girl Guide mint cookies were delivered to me today.  The person who delivered them has become a dear friend through the Laura Secord Walk.  Coincidentally, four people who went on that walk came in today and commended me on a wonderful experience.  I was just one of many cogs in that wheel but the feedback was appreciated.

My wonderful Internet friends wrote a funny story about me being Alone in the Library. It amused me greatly even if the reality was not that of a Romantic Hero searching for True Love but rather that of 30 Women from the University in a quest to learn more about Higher Education and Resources.  Either way, I was less alone.

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