Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Sorry I didn't post last night. I was exhausted and went to bed. Ky had a seizure, he's okay, no lasting ill effects, but I was on high alert from then on.  I had plenty of good things - especially the part where Ky is okay, no lasting ill effects - but no energy with which to share them.

Today involved a lot of oil of oregano, orange juice, Bleak House, Much ado about Nothing, an interview with Chris Hadfield and the feeling that I'm truly blessed. Eliot hunted a mouse that made its way inside the heating vent.  Yoda and Kiki had a few flights around the apartment. Milo is feeling much stronger and feistier. Ky enjoyed all of the vigilant attention.

The weather is warming up. I think this back and forth between hot and cold is what's making me sick so often lately. Today was another day on the couch chugging oil of oregano and orange juice with a side of cookies.  Later in the day, I switched to cinnamon and honey in hot water. It's yummy and soothing.

Hadfield's photos of space, and his wonder at the world on which we live is an uplifting contrast to the the worlds portrayed by Dickens and Shakespeare. It's no wonder I have a great appreciation for creature comforts, for foods and beverages that soothe my ills, for friends and family who ensure I am entertained, loved and protected, luxurious shelter and good jobs with people I like.  Really, life is good. 

And the cookies are fresh baked chocolate chip.


  1. Oh no! Do they know what caused it?

  2. It hasn't happened again so we didn't go to the vet. Oddly, my friend's dog had a seizure at the same time as Ky did. Her dog did not survive. I am so grateful my boy is fine.