Thursday, October 31, 2013


Halloween. I started out dressed as a pioneer woman. Then a charwoman. Then a gypsy.  Then in a fit of disgust, I put on a short 60's inspired multi-coloured circle dress that I bought this year and went as myself.  Somehow, DNi thought I dressed as a pirate and left Yoda at home. WTH?  Proof that he doesn't actually look at me.

It's been raining all day but I saw little Trick or Treaters out there.  Not much gets between kids and their candy. We were the same way at that age.

The best thing today though, hands down, was watching Little Shop of Horrors with DNi and Yoda. The little green parrot laughed his way through the flick. I looked over to see him leaning way over in his cage to see the screen.  There were times when he was laughing and we weren't.  He amuses the hell out of me.

This was his favourite scene.  RIP Levi Stubbs

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