Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Keeping busy

DNi slept through his alarm this morning and I ignored mine so you can imagine the speed with which we fell out of bed and raced to get him to work by 5am.  We got there a few minutes late but under five.  Considering what time I yelled at him that was fantastic.

There was a lovely email in my inbox this morning from a dear friend. She's going to be in Toronto in ten days and said she could pop by for a visit. Even twenty minutes with this lovely lady would be delightful but the idea of a day with her is sheer joy.  My fingers are crossed that all will work out so that we can visit with each other.

One good thing about dad burning the meat loaf was that it reminded me of his dad. Grandpa always said the carbon from burnt food was good for the heart. It was sweet that he turned Grandma's horrible cooking (everything was burned to a char) into a health benefit. 

I can't quite figure out what to wear for Halloween. I have my lovely regency dress but no hat.  I was thinking it would be nice to have a lace bonnet but I don't have time to make it for tomorrow and can't quite find a pattern I like.  I did snip stills of Mrs Bridges' cap from Upstairs Downstairs

I could live without the tassel but I think it's actually a rag curl
The blasted woman would not stop moving
It's very pretty. I'm sure I'd find an occasion to wear it.

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