Monday, October 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Monday

I  can not express my gratitude for Oil of Oregano strong enough.  Followed by a chaser of orange juice, it works wonders for the flu.  I can't eat much yet but that's actually a good thing.  I have some reserves.

I read a book The telling of bees which sucked me right into the story and characters. I loved the rhythm of the hive and how the main character fashioned his life on the bees' example of order and interaction. 

I'm close to finishing the first sock for my great-aunt.  The yarn is dyed Scottish Heather so of course it's perfect for her.

One good thing about being sick over the holiday weekend is the time and peace in which to heal without guilt.  I'm not back to par yet but close enough.  That's something for which to be grateful.

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