Saturday, October 26, 2013


A few things. One. Someone hates my guts because I defended their loved one. From them. I'm okay with it. It's easier for them to place blame on me for interfering instead of looking at their own abusive behavior.  Their hate isn't hurting me. It's hurting their loved one, but not me.  I'm not always this forgiving but it's not someone who matters to me in any way, shape or form.  I was upset for a couple of hours until I put all of the above pieces together.

Another thing. A heavily sarcastic thank you to Cineplex.  Because they've chosen only to show the 3D versions of Gravity, I will not be watching that movie on the big screen. There's a growing trend of 3D movies.  The local theatre showed both versions until Cineplex forced them into installing 3D screens. I spoke with the manager about it last year before the big renovation. She said there were a lot of customers who had trouble watching the 3D.  I know home theatres are advanced models, with giant screen tvs, surround sound and even movie theater popcorn.  I still want a night out, with friends, to watch a movie on a wall of screen without the option to pause the action.  Grumble grumble grouch. 

It may have been a gloomy wet day here but our sense of humour was intact at work. This is always a bonus and makes the day so much more enjoyable for ourselves as well as our patrons. I love when I'm able to help a child find a book that excites their imagination. It's neat when I do the same for adults.

My great-aunt was tickled that I made socks for her. She thinks I'm clever. That makes me giggle for some reason.  I guess I'll be alternating between pairs for her and my mom.  Knitting soothes my jangled nerves and brings them joy. I don't see the down side. Thanks to Stashaholic, I still have enough yarn to make several pairs of socks. 

Eliot waits at the back door for DNe to come inside the house. He waits by the bathroom door. He races into the attic, across the furniture, over top of the dog.  There are no obstacles between Eliot and his boy.  That makes my heart so happy. It's good for DNe to experience unconditional love. We should all be so lucky.

My brain has been clicking away on so many things.  It feels like the more tired my body, the more active my brain. I'm making some important connections to behaviours, people and consequences.  I'm learning to listen to what I need, not just what everyone else needs from me.  It feels a bit selfish but it is necessary.

Ky and I played ball, wrestled for the giant stuffed frog and burned thousands of calories while having fun.  Life can be that simple and uncomplicated.


  1. Let me know when you need more - I "might" have some :-)

  2. Now that I'm knitting socks for both of them, I might just take you up on that offer :D I think I'm going to ask John to dye Purple Thistle for my aunt. Oddly, that's her favourite colour. She was thrilled with the Scottish Heather