Saturday, October 05, 2013

Day full of good things

It was Pioneer Day in Jordan.

That means we had the Best Fudge in the World.  Apple fritters. Hand-churned butter.  Homemade sausage (I just watched them make that, I didn't eat any but others did and enjoyed). We saw rope-making, spinning, tatting, and rug hooking.  DNi was thrilled she could do the latter with her broken arm.

I think my Great Aunt used to tat lace so I'm going to ask her to teach me. I bought gorgeous sock yarn today called Scottish Heather. They're already on the needles. She has tiny feet so I should be able to give them to her in a couple of weeks. 

The weather co-operated. The hockey team won.  The van was repaired instead of replaced.  Life is good.

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