Sunday, October 27, 2013


I'm watching History of Scotland just for the lyrical accent and gorgeous scenery.  It's been three long years since last my feet walked the sacred soil of my ancestors but I think about my experiences almost every day.  There are worse ways to occupy my mind.

I talk to myself way too much. None of the animals, or humans for that matter, pay much attention to the sound of my voice as a result.  I changed it up a bit today by singing my thoughts.  At least I was amused.

Despite the fact that I feel fat, I'm wearing my smallest jeans - and they're loose. Perceptions.  Huh. 

I've been making the effort to cook meals so that we're getting all of our nutritional needs instead of scarfing back calories.  This plan is most effective when I cook ahead. Tonight's fare was stuffed peppers. It's something my mom made a lot when we lived in Kingston.  It's funny how I associate that meal with those years. Some great memories.

What food to you most associate with good times?

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