Friday, November 01, 2013

Silly Friday

Man, today seemed long. The good thing is I can go to bed now. And sleep in tomorrow. My presence is not required anywhere until late afternoon, early evening. I  need to make scones. From scratch.  I just shamelessly begged my cousin for her husband's recipe. They were worth the drive to Prince George - from Whistler. They may even be worth the drive from Ontario but I don't have that kind of time.

One good thing about three interrupted phone calls was being able to catch up with a good friend.  Texts and facebook weren't cutting it.  Hearing each other's voices did.

One good thing about searching for my replacement credit card is I found all of the greeting cards I bought for family a couple of months ago.  Now I need to find their addresses (I can drive to their houses but have no idea what streets they live on).  While I'm certain the bank would have sent me a new credit card, I cannot find. Yay, that means I won't use it.  Silver lining squared.

Ooo, math joke and my head did not explode.  There's hope for me yet on that front.

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