Thursday, November 14, 2013


Last night was fantastic. Eddie Izzard is not only funnier than hell, he's also quite smart.  His humour can make you think. Then he goes off on a tangent and you can only shake your head.

It was nice that I didn't have to work until later in the day. The cats had a horrible fight last night so I ended up taking Milo back into my room.  Urgh. He didn't let me sleep.  It was a long day filled with one annoying thing after another.

I did spend some time looking at my attitude and recognizing how it influences my perception of events. I really can't do anything about anyone else.  Some people are going to always behave the same way, or not. The only thing I can control is my response.  It's not always easy being the grown-up.  To think there was a time when I resented being told what to do, or when to go to bed, just because I was a kid.  My parents were surprisingly lenient with me, all things considered.

So, one good thing today - finding chocolate in the side pocket of my purse.  Spinach salad with homemade lemon/garlic dressing.  Enjoying the sound of the wind as it howled and swirled around town.  It was all howl and no damage.  Excellent.

I heard singing in the empty museum when I locked up tonight. That was cool, not creepy.  I wonder if the ghosts will leave when the museum moves to another building.  I will miss them if they do.

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