Saturday, November 02, 2013


It was pouring rain today as I drove along the Niagara parkway. Yellow, orange and red leaves carpeted the road and I wished for my camera. I contented myself with the images that rolled past my windows.

I'm staying with a friend as she recovers from surgery. We almost lost her yesterday so I'm incredibly grateful to spend time with her.  She may be in a lot of pain but her sense of humour is intact.

After watching a horrible hockey game full of injuries, penalties and goals for the other team, we turned to Netflix. Nothing caught our attention despite the fact that some of the titles made me giggle like crazy.  I suspect relief made us giddy. Then I found YouTube and Eddie Izzard.  Laughing is not the best choice for someone with stitches in her belly.  We watched him in spurts.  Even truncated,  Izzard was the better choice over the horror movie.

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