Tuesday, November 26, 2013


All those years of watching NASCAR paid off this morning. My front tires caught road while the back hit ice and stepped out. I was able to save it from spinning off the curve I was transversing at the time.  It's snowing in earnest now but this morning it was merely a patch or two along the way.

On my lunch hour, I went for a short walk.  The air was very damp and heavy but I had on an ankle-length winter coat and mid-calf boots. I was warm and dry and the air smelled wonderful.

I love the first real snow of the season. The dogs race around like two year olds hopped up on sugar.  Their coats glisten in the moonlight.  Their fur smells as fresh as the white blanket beneath their paws. 

Humans aren't quite as enthusiastic but that's our problem.  It's fun out there and we should remember the joy of catching snowflakes on our tongues, shoveling the outdoor rink in anticipation of lacing up our skates and racing indoors to have hot chocolate with marshmallows. 

What are your snow memories from childhood?

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