Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sis Boom Ra!

Last night was long and less than pleasant. It seemed like everyone was up half the night. 

It was a day with worrisome news and frustrations. Honestly, I've wanted to go back to bed and reboot since before I crawled out of it this morning.

Then the whole family came over for dinner. The Little Ones were entertaining, delightful and really cheered me up.  It's not every day your name is chanted in the living room as soon as you enter the room.  Lots of little girl snuggles, tickles and hair brushing did a lot to make things better.

I've prepped a hearty breakfast casserole for the household, done laundry and showered. Next up, a little quiet time with a good book, while the critters snooze.

Things are going to happen, or not, without any input from me. One way or another, I'll do my best.  I have my own private cheering section.  How lucky am I?

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