Saturday, November 09, 2013

Happy happy joy joy

I was so productive at work today that I danced and skipped my way through the stacks once the doors were locked.  It was a crunch to get everything done in the time allotted but I did it all and did it well.

A dear friend from North Carolina was in Toronto with her husband for his business meeting. He kindly shared her company so I drove up after work. We went out for dinner at a genuine Chinese restaurant. The menus and cheque were printed in Chinese. We hoped we didn't order the 8lb lobster or Alaskan King crab that they brought to the table live to show off its freshness before they cooked it for you.  It was an incredible meal. We didn't get everything we'd ordered but it was delicious, filling and not so fresh that I had to avoid its gaze beforehand.  I'm not good making an acquaintance with my food.  If I have to kill it, vegetarian I will be.

Now we're home, chatting, sharing stories and solving world problems. 

My other friend posted a photo of her engagement ring. It suits her perfectly.  That man knows what he's doing. And so does she. Their happiness is contagious. Here, have some.  Dance down the row.

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