Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall food

Just for Elen, the Squash soup recipe.  I put fresh grated parmesan cheese on the bottom of the bowl then ladle piping hot soup on top of it.  For someone who doesn't care for soup, I really like this one. And my go-to cold-killer garlic soup.  I'll share that one another day.

I had a lovely visit with my great-aunt. We talked about the cold, grey, windy day which of course led to some Scottish memories. She told me about being a nurse in a small town just outside of Toronto.  That would have been in the 30's.  I've never heard of  ThistleTown so I looked it up.  Wikipedia to the rescue.  After she came home and got married, my aunt gave up nursing because that's what one did in those days.  Oddly, both of my grandmothers were nurses as well, yet I never felt the pull. Unless one counts nursing animals which is completely different from humans. There's a lot less complaining for one thing.

I decided not to eat anything I haven't made myself. The chocolate chip cookies weren't up to my usual standards. I only had whole wheat flour and forgot to compensate for that. They taste okay but I suppose the good thing is I'm not eating as many.

Chicken parmesan with fresh squeezed lemon and a spinach salad for dinner was far more satisfying.

Without anyone's input shocked stare in Stashaholic's direction, I decided to seam the sleeves of the cherrybomb bolero rather than look for fun buttons. The yarn and stitch pattern are quite lovely and deserve to be the focus.


  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Thank you! I make a lot of squash, pumpkin, and root soups this time of year. I have a lot of squash in the house at the moment. :-)

  2. I'm all for design enhancements. And I love soup - pretty much any kind of soup. Maybe pea soup for dinner!