Monday, November 04, 2013


I am grateful to be home to sleep in my own bed.  It is exhausting look after another person, especially when you need to be vigilant about their care. In some ways though, it was relaxing down in the little village. We watched documentaries, drank lots of hot liquids and received deliveries of soup,cookies and edible arrangements. Air was stolen from our lungs as we took our evening consitutional.  We both thought a cat was a raccoon this morning. 

The neighbours probably shouldn't walk around half naked until they put up window coverings. No, stained glass panels are insufficient.

For some reason, my friend found the word hummus funny. 

This is what we've been consuming steadily for the last few days.

Today, I discovered recipes on the back on the chocolate wrapper.  Coconut muffins probably taste delicious but I'm not wasting my Icelandic chocolate on an ingredient. It's best enjoyed on its own and allowed to slowly melt in one's mouth.

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