Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tuesday tidings

Another balmy day. It's been a real yo-yo season.  Freezing one minute, warm the next. I have no idea what to wear. Today, I chose a long dress,very purple.

I taught a class on downloading ebooks. It went well. Everyone thanked me and said I did a great job. I was flattered as we all struggled with various apple and google devices.  We all had fun with the frustrating bits and celebrated the successes.  I won't be teaching another class like that as we're hiring a full-time tech to take care of many things, including digital classes.

I'm home tonight catching up with my zoo and family.  They're all pretty understanding about my absence and the reason for it, but Milo spent most of the night telling me, in a very loud voice, that he missed me.  Yoda has been fairly quiet. No hockey tonight.


  1. I never wear skirts or dresses at this time of year. You are brave! Brrrrr....

    1. But it was so warm outside. I couldn't resist. I hate covering my legs and would wear dresses all year round if I wouldn't freeze.