Sunday, January 06, 2013

Friendly Good Things

My twitter account was hacked. The Good Thing was how many people I actually had conversations with as a result. Some of those people have been in my thoughts but not my communication.

I had a beer tonight with an old friend I haven't seen for ten years. That was AWESOME.  We're going to get on a far more frequent schedule. We do email each other, and DM on Twitter(no, he wasn't one of the ones from yesterday's debacle) but an in-person, hugs hello and goodbye, conversation is much more satisfying.

Another friend I haven't seen in six months or more stopped by the library today.  It was nice to catch up, exchange some hugs, good energy and make plans to have root soup together in the next few weeks. She makes amazing root soup.

Today had several Good Things, all via friendships that had lapsed due to life and other commitments.

How was your day?

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