Friday, January 18, 2013

Thursday's Things

I think I'm going to start using my twitter account to post stuff as it occurs to me. I never went back online last night but my phone was sitting beside me all day.

I did nothing.  I read. A lot. Inertia had me in it's immovable grip and all I could do was turn pages.  Yet several good things happened. 

My DNe made me a cup of tea. He also handed me the phone so I could schedule a much needed doctor's appointment.

My friend called to schedule a massage. She's been journaling every day. Each entry begins and ends with the word AWESOME all in caps just like that. She says it's altering her perception of each day, much like my daily Good Things record is influencing my perception of my world.

Yoda sang I love you with several different tones and a whistle for good measure.

Milo lay on my lap most of the day, napping and purring.

It snowed here. Very pretty.  I was warm.  Even better.

Some days doing nothing is as important as anything else.

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