Sunday, January 27, 2013

No Good Things

I was full of good things and great observations throughout the day. Then I came home and discovered that I hurt someone terribly. They did a very nice thing for me a few weeks ago and I never thanked them. At all.  I thought of them, thought of how to thank them, but never did.  And now nothing I say or do will make up for the fact that I didn't take two seconds to even acknowledge the thoughtful thing they did for me.

None of today's good things can balance that out.


  1. I've given my opinion elsewhere, so here I shall just give (((hugs))). And I will also remind you that there's nothing in the requirements that say the good things must balance out the bad things. The good things don't magically disappear because bad things also happen. The point is to try to spend more time focusing on the good things, and letting them shine some light into you day, whether you day needs it or not.

    Nope, one more thing to lecture about. Remember you do not control other peoples feelings, only your own actions and how you respond to others. Your friend has chosen to be deeply hurt. All you can probably do at this point is say that you are sorry your inaction led to bad feelings, you truly were thankful for the very nice thing, but just never remembered at the right moment to express it. And maybe invite the friend over for a thank you dinner, because food and taking the time to prepare it is a great way of saying thank you and showing that you care about another person.

    Good things yesterday. I exercised for 15 minutes! And I started to tackle the kitchen mess a bit. And I cooked a real dinner for a change, even if it was just a meal in a bag from the freezer.

  2. Anonymous8:25 PM

    I agree. And if you really feel bad then still do the thank you. Better a late one than none at all don't you think? I personally am very grateful when people send me any kind of thank you in this day & age. Does she know all you've been through lately and all you've had on your mind? Maybe if you explain this & that remembering you wanted to thank her never came intor mind when you could do it...?