Thursday, January 24, 2013

Some funny,and one stunning, good things

A friend listened to me vent about some frustrating stuff I feel I must take care of. My sense of responsibility could use a holiday. Oh well, she made me laugh which was wonderful.

I heard a commercial today about a woman who went window shopping but all she saw was frost. Considering the temperatures these days that was almost as funny as the follow-up about "smacking the flurries out of winter".  Neither statement really had anything to do with the product but hey, I remember them.

I was driving down to Niagara on the Lake to pick up an ingredient for our Burns Supper tomorrow night. My mind was chastising me for going so far out of my way while memories were making connections between the drive, Old Town, Robbie Burns and Grandpa Fenton. Who knew the old Scot hated the sound of bagpipes?   Anyway, just as I started to really enjoy the drive down the country road, I eased my foot off the accelerator. Instinct reacting before my eyes saw it. A deer walked across the road.  Mine was the only car in anywhere in sight so the deer wasn't too concerned. I stopped the car and watched it. Once it was safely off the road and in the trees, a second deer came along. It stopped halfway across and stared right at me. 

Deer are much larger in life than on the page. I forget sometimes.  Their faces are so delicate, with those big brown eyes and soft muzzles.

Then it gave a little rabbit hop up over the ditch before it too melted into the trees.

I didn't find what I was looking for in Niagara but came home with something better. Awe.

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  1. I can totally picture the deer. Lovely, lovely image!

    My one good thing, I was complimented by both my therapist and psychiatrist on how I handled the low spell this past week. Both thought it was a brilliant idea to call a friend to hold my hand while I checked the Hated Email. :)