Sunday, January 20, 2013

Simple good things

The wind that tore at the house all day did not rearrange our landscape.  That was a very Good Thing, especially as it was not guaranteed.

Five minutes into work and I was handed a big mystery to solve. It only took me ten minutes to find out several resources as well as a map. The patron was incredibly grateful. I was tickled. Doing your job well is always a Good Thing. I love being a librarian.

I dreamt an old flame tried to fan the fire. No spark on my part but I was flattered. My dream self also thought it would be something I could count as a Good Thing.  Now my subconscious is keeping track. I am amused.

No one was home after work.  The dogs and cats were overjoyed to see me as it was close to dinnertime.  The best though was all the happy noises they each made.  Birds sang a funny little song when I opened the cage door to set them free.  They're free range if we're home.  They like to be in the same room as humans but it's always their choice. The cat tolerates it all. Milo is the best cat. Very handsome, too.

Water is cold, and refreshing to drink.  Simple pleasures rule the day.

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