Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Goodies

It was a crummy start to the work day, all of us were ticked about stuff, so I went to the back and asked coworker the funniest thing she'd ever heard. Turned our day around. Even theusually horrid patron was pleasant. It's Good to remember the power of humour and/or a smile.

Hockey is back.  You remember how much I love hockey.  Somehow we kept scoring seats at the bar about five minutes before another member of our party showed up. Not bad considering the place was packed when we first showed up.  Did I mention my team won?  Big grins all around.

I keep forgetting to watch Downton Abbey on Sunday nights..  I found the episode repeated on Saturday nights. Good stuff.

Mom is coherent again. We had a nice conversation about life.  That was a Good Thing.

Yesterday, my yarn came in. I have half a hat knitted up already. It matches the woven scarf I bought in Edinburgh a few years ago. I love that scarf. It matches almost everything I own, can be worn as a wrap and always reminds me of a Good Day.

I made plans with a friend to celebrate Burns Night with her daughters and my niece. My job is to bring heather tea and Brave.

I'm really enjoying this experiment. It's nice to thing repeatedly throughout the day that this one thing is Good or another is also Good. Then I think about how to turn the not-so-nice into Good and that makes me smile.  I particularly like that I'm not playing this game alone.

So, what good things came your way today?

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