Saturday, January 05, 2013

Saturday January 5

A really cute cop came in to check out our security setup at work today. 

Eating Grand Marnier chocolate cake at work was akin to drinking on the job (no correlation between the cake and the cop's visit)

A good friend has had some rough knocks lately but was able to laugh at a running joke we've had for years.

Kiki was doing the mating song while Yoda ran around the cage chasing her. She'd run off, he'd looked confused. Now she's bathing in the fish's bowl.


  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    I can't decided whether I want to hear more about the cute cop or the cake...

    Love that shiny header image.

    1. The cop was cute which took the sting out of his investigation regarding a stolen ipad. And he reminded us to password protect our mobile devices, tablets and laptops. That way if they are stolen, personal data will be wiped.

      The Grand Marnier chocolate cake was more fudge than cake and so very very delicious.

  2. I've already shared this in a couple places, but waking up from a morning nap with kitties curled up napping with me. :) Much better than I wake up to them jumping on me!

    1. Snuggly kitties are wonderful. I have one pressed up against my arm as I type. He's taken to sitting on the arm of the chair when the laptop has usurped his place on my lap.